Contactless Infrared Thermometer for Kids & Adults, Reliable & Accurate Results, LCD Display and Body/Surface Temperature Switch

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Contactless Measurement: With the latest infrared technology, direct contact can be avoided making the measuring process safer and efficient. Its  3cm-5cm (1.2in-2in) measurement range protects you from any form of cross-infection. Infrared temperature technology allows you to not only measure the temperature of a human body, but also the temperature of objects, surfaces, and liquids.

˚C / ˚F adjustable:  Offers both Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement settings, its measured temperature ranges between 3343℃91.4109.4 ˚F.

Reliable Measurement AccuracyThe thermometer is equipped with high precision sensor readings, which only takes 1-2 seconds to provide accurate results. The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.3 ℃. 

High Storage Capacity:  The thermometer offers a memory storing function which allows you to save up to 32 different temperature results, including their date and time. Providing you with the ultimate awareness of the changes in your body’s temperature. 

Fever Alarm Technology: The thermometer also comes equipped with fever alarm technology. The infrared thermometer will automatically sound an alarm to warn you of having a high temperature if the test exceeds 38℃/100.4℉. 

Easy-to-Use Design: With a digital LCD display you can read your temperature results accurately. the green & red backlight display is convenient for both night and day use. The thermometer is also designed for comfort, the ergonomically shaped handle is sized so you can take it anywhere you go. 

Venley’s contactless infrared thermometer offers instant reading operation and an easy to use design. Equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision sensors for getting reliable and accurate readings within 1-2 seconds. 

How to avoid the inaccuracy: Please make sure that there is no dirt or decree on the temperature sensor. Please also make sure that there is no water or shade on the surface being measured. 

By providing the latest infrared thermometer technology offers customers a chance to benefit from features such as: 

  1. HD LCD Screen
  2. Non Contact Measuring
  3. One Second Reading
  4. Body and Surface and Room Mode
  5. 32 Record Storage
  6. ℃/℉ Conversion
  7. Fever Alarm
  8. Voice On/Off

 ℃ /℉ Conversion Instructions 

1.  In F2 state, press and hold the “MODE” button for 3 seconds.

2. F3 will be displayed on the screen

3. Press “+/-” button to switch between ℃ and ℉


  1. This product can’t replace the doctor's diagnosis, the product should be used only for screening, if there is any abnormality, please see your nearest physician. 
  2. Do not use the product in the environment with a humidity greater than 85%. 
  3. Do not repair the fault by yourself, please contact the manufacturer for repair instructions. 
  4. To ensure the best measurement effect, please make sure that the probe is at least 3-5 cm away from the main rest surface being measured. 
  5. Transferring product to the environment 


Size: 4 x 1 x 6 In

Material: ABS

Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required 

 Package includes?

x1 Contactless Infrared Thermometer 

x1 Cloth Case 

x1 User Operation Guide 



Customer Reviews

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Duvis Gonzalez
Great thermometer

Works exactly as it states. Granddaughter loves it because she can do it herself. She has to take her temperature every morning before school and submit on website to school.

Patricia Irvin

Great product



Paul Landerson

Easy and accurate temp reading, would recommend

Misha Avery
Use for church functions

Simple way to check people before our outdoor church functions, works great.